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REAL ESTATE 2015, PREDICTIONS AND ANALYSIS - Buyer/Seller - What's in it for you

by Timi Abney on 02/14/15

Fearless big spenders, upcoming first buyers, and smart investors.  Let your New Year 2015 property resolution begin on a sharp and crisp note.

The property game predictions have taken off on a very positive note in 2015. The stock market is booming and the economy has strengthened. This is due to a combination of core factors:

 Low oil prices

  • Low interest rates
  • Job stability
  • The new money or new millionaires

Mortgage interest rates will remain low and inflation under control.

It has been a very long, tough and nervous season for buyers since the Lehman saga in 2008. We started to experience relief early 2014 and the tables have definitely turned in the right direction at end of 2014. Analytics and data predictions disclose confidence among millennial and baby boomers.

There is a stable expansion among the number of new middle class millionaires. The latter group is also contributing towards stable housing recovery. Prices are up since 2008.

Traditional buyers are willing to pay cash and top dollar for your home, and they have very selective taste. If you are a seller, conduct serious research on the new breed's housing tastes and renovate fast. The first half of 2015 is the right season for you. Bargaining power may shift back to the buyer by mid-2015 or the market will reach a very comfortable and secure balance and leverage itself out.

It may be a slightly different story for investors. Their motto remains the same, buy low and sell high. It is a sure bet that investment property will definitely see a very stable increase in 2015. Overseas investors are still attracted to the US and European market, especially for those who are encountering severe political unrest and economic uncertainty in their country of origin. They will nevertheless keep a very close account on currency fluctuation and the potential of extreme devaluation. Most foreign investors currently use their US or overseas properties as a rental or a holiday residence.

People with stable and high paying jobs will definitely buy. Generation Y is in general starting a family and will fall in the traditional buyer category. Baby boomers, and millennial have a strong penchant for middle city units and apartments. While baby boomers and downsizing and want to live closer to their children, they will be simultaneous sellers and buyers. Millennial prefer the city centre for sheer convenience, career pursuit,  and lifestyle, they will mainly fall in the category of first home buyer.

High pricing rentals will force the previously reluctant buyers to make a move on their first home acquisition. The buying trend will start very strong by February 2015. A good credit history, if you possess such will obviously act in your favour, and watch carefully for these new and big opportunities on the horizon.

Keep in touch and let us know about your latest acquisitions or success property ventures.

Dream...Risk and Believe in the outcome

by Timi Abney on 01/06/15

Looking at the end of 2014 was good and humbling...We had a amazing year in regards to my business. So much so, my husband joined our team full time. Startling in the month of November my husband's sister was in the hospital at the end of the month and stayed there until the end of December. She had been battling cancer for sometime. She had totally changed her diet, had lost weight, was exercising regularly and last but not least painting. She had done many pieces of art.  All of them worth extreme recognition.

We lost beautiful Mary a couple of days after Christmas....It is very hard to believe she is gone. Young at the age of 58. But her infectious laugh, sense of humor and amazing art work will never leave us here on earth.

Why am I writing about this, you see, she risked....and she has taught me humbly how to do the same.

She sought out her own path, her own treatments to the disease and lastly she lived until it was her last breath.

Sometimes life is not what others think we are doing is right or wrong. It is about our own path, our own joy and our own journey. That in the end speaks out to a higher self that is beyond the boundaries of earth and heaven.

Purpose? What's that?

by Timi Abney on 11/18/14

Good question.  Some people think that their purpose is to go to a and make enough money to feed and clothe their family.  That can be a purpose.  Some believe it to be helping others. Others believe it is to make a lot of money or find happiness.  These are all purposes.  But, what is your purpose?  My dog Duke wholeheartedly believes that his purpose to retrieve his "duck".  As a matter of fact, I sometimes ask him where his "duck" is.  Other times,I ask him where his Purpose is.  He always brings me the same thing.  Don't get me wrong, you can have more than one purpose.  Duke also has a purpose to be a love monster.  He wants to come and give kisses, press up against you so you can pet him.  As an 80 lb Lab, it can sometimes be annoying to folks who don't know him so well.  The bottom line with Duke is that he does what he loves and he loves what he does.

It's a journey.  I know I struggled with it at first, but having the right people around you makes all the difference in the world.  The first thing I had to do was take a long hard look at what I like to do, what I love to do and what I can't stand to do.  The "can't stand to do" was easy.  The what I like to do was a little more difficult.  The what I love to do was the hardest.  Not because I don't love to do things.  It had to do more with regard to the type of things I love to do.  I love music ( wanted to be a rock star when I was younger).  I love art!  It was my major when I started college.  But I listened to some negative people who told me that I would never be able to provide sufficiently for a family with an art degree.  You guessed it, I changed my major...to Biology.  Looking back, I see where I went wrong.  I believed those individuals that told me I would never make enough money.  It wasn't until later in life that I realized that people who tell you can't do something, have believed that they couldn't do something.  

It's all about belief.  Your belief in yourself.  Surround yourself with people that believe in themselves and believe in you.  There is strength in numbers!  Bottom line, 1. Figure out what you love  2. Find people that share that same love for that thing and are successful doing it  3. Learn from them, how they did it.   4. Find a mentor.   Finally GO LIVE YOUR PURPOSE!

Till next time

Hills and Valleys

by Timi Abney on 11/17/14

We've all heard the saying "life has it's ups and downs". It's a true saying. The trick to dealing with life's ups and downs is in your attitude and the attitude of those around you. 

When you surround yourself with negative people, guess what.  You start picking up those negative traits.  Negative individuals are always fearful when trouble arises, or what they label as trouble.  Guess what comes next.  You got it. FEAR.  I love what Jack Canfield says, "Fear is nothing more than False Expectations Appearing Real.

It's your choice to either believe the lie (fear) or seek the truth (that something wonderful is about to happen).  It's all in your attitude.

Whether you are going over the hills or through the valleys, your attitude is what sinks you or sends you rocketing into the stratosphere.  I grew up with negative minded people and for a long time, I put on a happy face and pretended it didn't bother me.  It wasn't until much later in life that I discovered the incredible impact of positive people.

People that when "seemingly" bad things happened to them, they turned them into opportunities.  When a problem arose, they looked at it and said "There has to be an opportunity for something better in here somewhere!"   The neat thing is that they always found it.  It doesn't always happen overnight.  Sometimes it can take awhile. But if you look hard enough and you believe it's there, you'll find it. 

For instance, you get laid off for the third time in 12 years.  Each time you go back and look for the same type of position in the same type of industry.  Someone is trying to tell you something.  Try something different.  Try some thing that you love.  Try something that fulfills you not just monetarily but something that brings you joy.  Makes you feel alive.  Gives you the sense that you are fulfilling your purpose in this world.    Purpose... That sounds like a great topic for next time.

I've been blessed in my life to know some incredibly positive and supportive  people.  To them I say "Thank you!"

Till next time

Turn Challenges into Success

by Timi Abney on 10/29/14

Many times in business and life we are faced with obstacles that can feel daunting and we do not always know where to go or how to overcome the challenges that we are faced with.....

1. Face it head on with a positive attitude of gratitude so you can move on to a abundance mentality. Be grateful for the challenge as it will help you to grow. Visualize yourself creating the exact outcome that you want to create.

2. Contact people that can help you move forward with the challenge you have in front of you. Choose to get advise from someone that has been successful in the area you seek to resolve.

3. Take actions necessary to create abundance in the outcome of the challenge and when you have broken through the obstacle be grateful and applaud yourself and others that have helped you along the way.