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Keys to Goal Setting that Stick!

by Timi Abney on 11/10/15

Have you had ideas in business or even personal life that you wanted to happen?

Everything starts in the mind. A new car, new house, new business plan......
Starts in the mind.
How do we create our ideas into reality?
Humans have an inner creative self. 
How we create the reality of the mind in our physical state happens by focusing on our ideas with emotion and repetition.
Set a goal.
Hold it in your mind for 10 minutes in the morning.
Hold it in your mind for 10 minutes in the afternoon.
Hold it in your mind 10 minutes right before retiring to bed in the evening.
The subconscious does not know fact from fiction in the mind. 
This does not always work instantly. Give it at least 90 days to take shape. Commit to this practice for 90 days. Do not miss a day. How much do you want change? 
Try it....send me feedback! 
As the famous AA meetings say. It only works if you work it!

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1. Joseph Fabits (Chgo) said on 3/10/17 - 12:34PM
This is Outstanding!

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