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Choices We Decide Day by Day Effect Our Results Longterm

by Timi Abney on 08/03/18

It has been a while since I posted on my blog. You see my husband got very ill this year with early adult onset Alzheimer's. I would like to think that I handled it well but truth be told I did not. I was in shock when we went to the Dr after two months of testing and extensive blood work. We got the diagnosis and the Dr told me we would need 24/7 care and could no longer make financial decisions in the company and in our household. 

I fell apart...I was not strong, thank God my Mother and Sister and good friends came to help as best they could. 
I had to take away his drivers license, get a power of attorney so I now make all the financial decisions as well as all the day in day out care decisions and this happened in a two month period. 
At first I felt extremely sorry for myself....I drank at times too much.....and none of that really just made things worse. I was super venerable and people took advantage of my venerability. But now I know better, I am stronger for it and my life with my husband is much more in the moment. I do not stress about the small stuff as I used to do. I know that service to others in my life and in my business pays off tremendously. I know I have a lot more lessons to learn but the one thing this has helped me to do is be more empathetic to others, judge less and enjoy the moment more. 
10 things I am grateful for today.
1. My husband
2. My children
3. My friends
4. My family
5. My dogs
6. My house 
7. My car
8. My butterfly kite
9. My business in Real Estate
10. My partner in Real Estate
I ask God today to give me guidance to make the right choices today.
and I send love to three people I have a challenge with....
Blessing to All. 

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1. Cathy said on 8/3/18 - 10:21AM
Thanks for sharing. Wish you well, may God help and give you strength while taking up this crisis, and healing for your husband.

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