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5 Ways to Be Prepared At All times for SERVICE- With Motivated Seller's

by Timi Abney on 10/30/15

Go Out Everyday and Say to Yourself. This is going to be a KICK-A Day!

Nothing will rattle your nerves more than not being prepared for a meeting.

If you prepare it will give you confidence to get whatever you need to do done.

Let's start with phone calls with sellers, because that is the first point of personal contact that you'll have with the seller. 

Always have in your mind on servicing and end goal.

1. Before you talk to a motivated seller make sure you have already mentally pictured the best outcome. Envision everything working out so it is a WIN/WIN  for all parties involved. 

2. Make sure you do not focus on the money but how you can help the seller solve a problem because you are the expert in real estate.

3. Study before you ever get on the call. There are a lot of good books out there. You can buy scripts or get a mentor to walk you through it. 
Opt in to my weblink for birddogs and I will send you a list of great books some free on Kindle www.corpuschristicribs.com

4. Get a mentor you can  mentors on the web. You can search youtube videos as a tool as well. Link into my website and I will send you links I find helpful.

5. Always be professional, but make sure your open. What does this mean?
Seller's are in a distressed situation or not the most ideal situation. So be real and relate to the seller so they know you care about them. Remember your the expert and you want to solve the seller's problem.

One of stories about this is I had a home that we went to and it had a lot of cat pee in it and it smelled so bad I really wanted to run out the door. 
The seller lived in the home. I never talked to him about how bad it smelled. I did suggest we speak outside because it was such a nice day and I would like to get some fresh air. He had some trauma that had happened to him. Which caused him to live like that. So instead of judging I just talked about how I could help him solve the problem with his home. 
We got the property under contract and helped him move into a newer home and very clean. He sold all his animals and started a fresh clean slate. WIN/WIN. Job done....going on to meet the next challenge in real estate.

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