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Timi Abney, Owner. I am here to help you buy and sell real estate fast and with ease.  Call me (361) 658-1195.
About CET Real Estate Solutions
What we do to get your home sold Fast.

Timi Abney is a native Texan, although I lived in other states
 in the Chicago, Illinois and Bethesda, Maryland area. I grew 
up in Amarillo, Brownwood and Austin, Texas area. I went to
 College for my undergrad at the University of Texas in San 
Antonio Texas. 
I have been in the real estate industry for over ten years.
 I have specialized in residential and commercial real estate. 
I have worked in all fields of real estate making sure sellers 
get their home sold quickly with cash. I help buyers and sellers 
and I feel my team has a very aggressive strategy to get the deal
 closed on both ends of any transaction quickly.
I have worked with thousands of real estate investors. We have
 a team of investors to buy houses in Corpus Christi. I invest in
 properties, closing on on average 8 transactions a month. I coach
 students in real estate investing nationwide and do seminars across the country with REI success training. Based on my unique experience. I have a keen eye for a good deal.So we can act quickly to help you.  
Service to my customers and clients is my number one priority!  

Follow me on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/CetRealEstateSolutionsInc
and twitter: http://www.twitter.com/timitexsun 
for the latest updates and Hot Properties. 

Jamie Abney has joined forces with Timi full time this year to grow the corporation to be the number one in Corpus Christi Real Estate in customer service and knowledge in creating a win/win environment for all the our clients.

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Committed to helping our customers sell or buy a home fast with $$cash$$. In the Corpus Christi and surrounding